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RM925 Profile

RM925 is a commercial trapezoidal profile, it has a rib height of 35mm and seven ribs per sheet, offering an effective cover of 925mm it can be used on pitch roofs down to 3°. RM925 can also be reverse run for wall cladding, and can be manufactured in .55 gauge and .40 gau...
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A range of roofing products has been gifted to a Tongan community group in Rotorua to send back home for the Cyclone Gita clean-up. RoofMan donated the corrugated rollers and roofing nails Rotorua Post Article...
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Wide Ridging Now Available!

October 9, 2017
We have added a new Wide ridging profile to compliment the existing Narrow width Ridging. It is Available in Magnaflow .55gauge in the Standard colour range. It has a 210 mm long leg suitable for High Wind Zone Applications. The product can be manufactured with or without sw...
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